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Helping you give something great, on-time, every time

We help you effortlessly manage your gifting in one place. Track events and recipients, get event reminders, find gift ideas, and more. Signup for Gift Guru today!

Great gifting in minutes

How Gift Guru Works

Set up your gifting calendar

Add your important events and recipients, then set a plan for each event, from a gift, to flowers, to just a call or visit. Then Gift Guru will help you prepare for each event, track your progress, and send reminders.

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Illustration of a man saving gift ideas for an anniversary gift

Plan for events, save and discover great ideas

For each event, we'll help you find curated ideas based on the profile and interests of your recipients. Or you can save your own ideas so you never forget a great idea! Track your gift history, budget for events, and more!

Give & grow your relationships

Once you've found something great, we make purchases easy through our network of partners! With Gift Guru, you will make a great impression, on-time, for every occasion!


Our Key Features

Tools for every step of gifting

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Reminders & Status Tracking

We remind you before each big event, and give you more time for gift events that take planning! Then keep track of your gift status.

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Gifting Calendar

Keep track of every upcoming event, your celebration plan, and make sure you're ready for each.

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Event Planning

Plan and prepare for each aspect of every event. We've got it covered with our individual and group event views and planning tools.

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Recipient and Interest Tracking

Keep track of each of your recipients, their interests, the gifts you've given them in the past and more!

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Discover and Save Gift Ideas

For each recipient, you can browse ideas based on their interests. Then you can save ideas so you never forget.

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Gift History

Wondering if you gave somebody the same thing last year? Never worry again, with the ability to track every gift you give!

Benefits of Gift Guru

Peace of Mind

You'll be ready, so you can rest easy and focus on relationships.

Time & Ease

Gifting is tough, but with Gift Guru, you'll save time and simplify it!

Great Ideas

Find something meaningful that will leave a great impression!

Grow Relationships

Communicate, Collaborate,

Gift Guru for everybody

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Whether a working mother, loving father or thoughtful child, Gift Guru can help you grow your important family relationships while reducing the stress of gift giving.

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Busy Bodies

Life can get busy. Luckily for you, Gift Guru can help you save some time and make sure you're ready for every big occasion, and grow relationships.

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Business People

Business is all about relationships. You can use Gift Guru to manage and grow your important business relationships, just as you do for family and friends.

Join the gifting revolution. Signup for Gift Guru today!